Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn (2011)

Last Sunday I went to watch this Tintin movie. I had avoided to see any promotions (trailers, movie clips, stills), so I was looking forward to this.

I watched it with a friend. Things were bad at first. I arrived first at this noodle restaurant and she sms-ed me to order a portion for her. It turned out the order was wrong. How could I know that she had given me the wrong name, but the right price? We divided the (wrong) food for 2. After lunch, we went to buy tickets, but the 13.45 show had been sold out. She was upset again, and said that we should have bought tickets first before having lunch. [I would happily do that if I had the credit card used for 'buy 1 get 1' promotion.] We ended up watching the 2.55 show, and in 2D; which was another reason for her to be angry: we had wanted to watch the 3D version, but that day, the only 3 theatres played the 3D were far. Most theatres in Jakarta had only showed the 3D for a week.

The movie was great. Beside The Secret of the Unicorn, there were also elements from The Crab with the Golden Claws. The Bird brothers' were removed from the story and Mr Saccharine became the bad guy - which was a great idea, because he actually looked like Red Rackham. The movie was not exactly like the books (like the TV series) so the audience had things to look forward to. The chase scenes were spectacular and I enjoyed them very much. Although there were changes, the characters were not changed (except Mr Saccharine), they were still characters that we had loved and still loved. The creator of Tintin, Hergé, was not forgotten, he appeared in the beginning of the movie, drawing Tintin in the fair.

After the movie ended, my friend's good mood was back and she said the movie was funny and very good. Snowy was a bit different from the book (the drawing/shape), but we loved how he reacted against Bianca Castafiore's voice. [I hoped there was more emotion on Signora Castafiore's face, or was it intended to make her stone-faced?] We can't wait for the sequel, hope Prof. Calculus will appear, and hope the scenes where the Thompson Twins pump and pump again will be included.