Sunday, July 21, 2013

Lucy Kincaid Series

I enjoyed Lucy Kincaid series very much. As the youngest in the Kincaid family, Lucy was very much loved by her parents and siblings, and she was carefree, until the day when she was kidnapped and abused in 'Fear No Evil'. Supported by her family, Lucy was gradually building her life again. She wanted to join the FBI.

1. Love Me To Death
Six years after Lucy was attacked, one of her kidnappers was released from jail and got murdered in Washington, D.C., where Lucy now lives with her brother and sister-in-law. Lucy now works for Woman and Children First!, an organization which investigates illegal sexual exploitation of women and children. Special Agent Noah Armstrong, who investigates the murder case, at first doesn't believe that Lucy had nothing to do with it. But when more murder victims turn up, Noah Armstrong realizes that there has been a bigger scheme going on. In this first book, Lucy begins to have a romantic relationship with PI Sean Rogan, who works together with her brother Patrick. Sean Rogan first appears in 'Cutting Edge', where he was always in the shadow of her brother, Duke.

2. Love is Murder
This is a light novel and it's a bonus, so I can't complain about it. Took place a year before 'Love Me To Death', Lucy and her brother Patrick spend four-day weekend in the Delarosa Mountain. There is a murder in the lodge where they are staying and because of snowstorm, the sheriff cannot reach them. This is a situation where you know that one of you is the killer.

3. Kiss Me, Kill Me
Sean Rogan is looking for his missing cousin, who perhaps has become a victim of a sexual predator and he asks Lucy to come to New York to help him. FBI Agent Suzanne Madeaux and NYPD Detective Panetta work together on the Cinderella Strangler case. Fourth victim has been found and Sean's cousin is a witness. I like the investigation in this book and they don't reveal the culprit until near the end. There is also the story how Lucy is accepted to the FBI after being turned down first.

4. If I Should Die
Sean Rogan takes Lucy for a holiday to the Adirondack Mountains. However it isn't really a holiday because Sean's friend has a resort there and someone is sabotaging the place. Sean promises his friend to find the person(s) responsible. While he chasing a kid who set fire to the resort, Sean falls and breaks his leg. Lucy goes down to help Sean and sees a dead body. After reporting the events to the police, the body is gone. Meanwhile, Sean's life is in great danger at least twice here in this book and its' when Lucy sees that life is not the same without him. 'If I Should Die'... the title of this book is very appropriate. It's like: if I should die, I didn't want to die without telling you that I love you. This book is okay, but compared to others in this series, this is the least interesting.

5. Silenced
While waiting for her FBI training to begin, Lucy helps her boss Noah Armstrong to investigate a murder of a high-priced call girl. Although still young, Lucy's analysis proved very helpful. I think this book is called 'Silenced' because the investigation leads to the hints of blackmails (where the victim should pay if they want the blackmailers to keep silence), and there is a second plot about a young girl who is afraid of her father and she keeps silence, she doesn't tell anybody because nobody will believe her.

6. Stalked
Now training in the FBI Academy in Quantico, Lucy helps Special Agent Tony Presidio to solve the murder of a reporter who wanted to write a book about the Cinderella Strangler case (Kiss Me, Kill Me). Soon they find that the murder doesn't have anything to do with the new book, but with one of her old books, where she wrote about a kidnapping, rape, and murder of a young girl 15 years ago. The brother of the victim had been stalked throughout his life that he had to disappear. Meanwhile, in the FBI Academy, a few believe that Lucy was accepted because of her high connection. This book is a good read, although I think the reason for the murders are a bit silly.

7. Stolen
Lucy has lesser part in this book. Sean Rogan works undercover for Noah Armstrong to infiltrate a hacker group led by his old friend, who Noah believes, has been hired by Senator Jonathan Paxton. Noah also believes that the Senator is behind the murders in book #1 Love Me To Death, but there is no proof. Unknown by Sean, there is a second gang who also infiltrate the hacker group to take vengeance against him for what he did years ago. I read this book quite fast and enjoyed it very much.

There is a new book coming out, I hope to be able to read that one as well.