Tuesday, April 23, 2013

No Evil Trilogy

No Evil Trilogy by Allison Brennan was published in January - March 2007. Each book can be read separately. They all feature strong woman as the lead character, and the connection among the three is each also features at least a Kincaid.

The first book is Speak No Evil, starring Carina Kincaid, a police detective in San Diego. The connection from the previous trilogy (Predator Trilogy) is Sheriff Nick Thomas from 'The Hunt' book, where he lost his love, so here the writer gives him a new one. Carina is investigating a murder and Nick's brother is the prime suspect, and after his experience with a serial killer in 'The Hunt', Nick believes he can help local police to solve the case.

The second book is See No Evil, starring Julia Chandler, a deputy district attorney in San Diego. Julia's niece is accused of brutally murdering her step-father. Julia hires the best lawyer, and the best PI she knows: Connor Kincaid, Carina's brother from book 1. I don't like this book very much. It's about a group of unstable teenagers who like to self-mutilate.

The third book is Fear No Evil, starring Kate Donovan, a renegade FBI agent. This book is very fast paced, or perhaps the story is about a countdown to murder, so we race with the character to save Lucy Kincaid, the youngest of the Kincaid. 18 year-old Lucy is kidnapped and when her family sees her again, she is being raped, live on the internet, and she has 48 hours before getting execution. Her brothers: Connor, Patrick, Jack, and Dillon; go to Mexico to ask Kate Donovan's help. Kate is the only one who knows a lot about Lucy's kidnapper. Among the 3, without a doubt, this book is the best.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Predator Trilogy

Published in December 2005 - February 2006, this trilogy can be read separately. First Allison Brennan books I've read and I enjoyed them because I love this genre, but personally I think Karen Rose books are better because I prefer the way Ms Rose delivers. Allison Brennan stories are more brutal and the sentences are not as well written. The three books in this Predator Trilogy each has a strong woman as the central character and in then she will find her true love. The crimes are getting crueler from book 1 to 3.

Book 1 is The Prey. The main character is Rowan Smith, a former FBI agent turned a successful crime writer. A killer uses her books to stage crime scenes: from choosing the victims to the way of the murders. Not long for the police to realize that Rowan Smith is the real target.

Book 2 is The Hunt. This one features Miranda Moore, the head of search and rescue team, who survived a torture and escaped from a serial killer 12 years ago. Now he strikes again and Miranda must help to catch him. The title is so because the killer kidnaps his victim and keeps her in a deserted hut for days, then release her so he can hunt her.

Book 3 is The Kill. FBI lab technician Olivia St.Martin witnessed her sister being abducted. The body was found later. 5 year-old Olivia's testimony sent the killer to jail. Thirty two years later, a DNA test proved that  they had had the wrong man. Olivia's research shows that the real killer has been raping and murdering little girls since. Believing that the same man has struck again in Seattle, she goes there and introduces herself as a field agent to help the local police catching the monster.

Rowan Smith, Miranda Moore, and Olivia St. Martin are friends. They went together to the FBI academy in Quantico. Rowan Smith quit the job because she had a breakdown after seeing a crime scene which reminded her of the past. Miranda Moore never made it because she only had one case in her mind and could not work on others. Olivia St. Martin once a field agent, but didn't work well in a team unit, so she joined the lab.