Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Can See You

By now I have read many Karen Rose books. I really enjoyed her works and am looking forward to getting the newest one. I like how she used main characters from previous book(s) in the next one as supported cast and vice versa, so it's like getting to know a big family better and better. It's easier to love characters when we have known them before.

In 'I Can See You' we meet Eve Wilson (a.k.a Evie Wilson) again, a girl who almost died in 'Don't Tell' and was kidnapped in 'Nothing to Fear'. The dark past makes her decide to leave Chicago, go to Minneapolis, and work as a bartender and a grad student in psychology. In the bar where she works, she meets Detective Noah Webster from the Hat Squad, who I think is too good to be true. Eve has a faint scar on her face, yet Webster sees her as she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Meanwhile, a serial killer taunting the city and mocking the Hat Squad. The death toll in this book is the highest in Karen Rose's book, I think. The killer did his first murder 30 years ago and has been doing it again and again because he can. It was not hard to guess whodunit, but the book was still very enjoyable. There is also a side plot about another bad guy who wants to avenge his brother who died while being chased by the Hat Squad.

The title 'I Can See You' is very appropriate. The killer is closer than what the detectives think and he knows the progress of the investigation.

From all heroes in Karen Rose books, my favourite are: Daniel Vartanian, Noah Webster, and Abe Reagan. The men in the real world are not like them, but we can dream.......