Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Prison Break Trilogy

Having read 2 previous trilogies, I think Allison Brennan was getting better in her writing. Although I don't enjoy the 2nd book, the 1st and the 3rd books are very good. This Prison Break Trilogy, each published in Jan, May and September 2008; begins with the earthquake in San Quentin State Prison, which causes several inmates escape.

Book 1. Killing Fear
One of the inmates who has escaped from San Quentin is Theodore Glenn, who killed three of Robin McKenna's friends, but was caught and sentenced after murdering the 4th, which he never admitted. When she hears that Theodore Glenn has escaped after 7 years in jail, Robin knows that he will come after her. Detective Will Hooper, who investigated the case then, promises to protect Robin. Hooper is Carina Kincaid's partner from previous trilogy, and in this book, he finally gets a major part. The title of this book is very appropriate: Theodore Glenn wrote to Robin while in jail and for years Robin has been living in fear. Allison Brennan's main female characters are all strong women, and Robin is no exception. She determines to overcome the fear, whether Theodore Glenn could be caught or not. I think this book would be more inetresting if Theodore Glenn could punished the person who had framed him for the 4th murder.

Book 2. Tempting Evil
The main female character here is Joanna Sutton, a romantic writer and lodge's owner in snowy Montana. The main fugitive here is Aaron Doherty, a killer who is obsessed with her. Doherty dreams that he has a romantic relationship with Joanna. He doesn't come to Montana alone, but drags along a dangerous killer named Doug Chapman. Sheriff Tyler McBride, who loves Joanna, is our hero; and he gets help from 2 FBI agents: Hans Vigo and Mitch Bianchi. I don't like this book very much. There are not many plot twists and the story is quite predictable.

Book 3. Playing Dead
The best in this trilogy. We meet Mitch Bianchi again from previous book. Bianchi has been assigned to send back the last fugitive from San Quentin: ex-cop Tom O'Brien. So far Tom O'Brien has been helping the authority to catch the escaped inmates from San Quentin. Tom O'Brien has spent 15 years in jail and soon to be executed - was charged with the murders of his wife and her lover, a prosecutor. Claire O'Brien, Tom's only daughter and a PI in Sacramento, always believes all this time that her father is guilty. Before the earthquake, a student visited Tom in jail and said that soon he would prove that Tom had been framed. Later, the discovery of the student's dead body in the river opens Claire's eyes that her father perhaps didn't kill her mother after all. The Feds and Claire start to investigate the old case again, now focuses on the fact that the prosecutor was the real target. Conspiracy, a hit man, a perfect frame - make this book the best of Allison Brennan I've read. Too bad the conspirators die too soon and too easy. I believe the title of the book refers to Frank Lowe, a witness with whom the dead prosecutor made a deal. It was said that Lowe was dead soon after the prosecutor was murdered.