Friday, September 19, 2008

Didier (1997)

This was on TV last night. After reading the synopsis, it seemed not interesting. A dog transfomed into a man, it sounded familiar. However, the reviews seemed good, so I made time to watch. After several minutes, I had to admit that it was better than I had expected. First scene that I liked was when Jean-Pierre Bacri dragged the dog across the airport floor.

It's hard not to like Didier. He is a smart dog who learns quickly: how to use the toilet, not to sniff asses (although still does it once in a while), how to use a fork, to dress, and to play soccer. "Soccer is a team game. If you want to go solo, play golf," says Jean-Pierre. Soccer is never this interesting to watch, especially the last goal. "If he used his paw, it would be another story."

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