Monday, January 26, 2009

Death du jour

A few days before Christmas, I and a friend went to a new branch of Gramedia (=a book store name) in Grand Indonesia Mall. For the grand opening, they were having a 30% discount. After a while, I said to my friend that I didn't want anything because the place was too crowded, but then I saw she was carrying a book in her hand and to be able to use the BCA card to pay (for additional 5% discount), we had to buy more books. At least I would have to accompany her to the long queue before the cashier, so I searched again and picked up 2 books which were near: Death du jour by Kathy Reichs and Sign of The Cross by Chris Kuzneski.

Today I finished Death du jour. The center character is a forensic anthropologist named Temperance Brennan, who is based on 2 countries: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, where she teaches in a university; and in Montreal, Canada, where she works in a laboratory. She has been separated from her husband, and has a daughter (who studies in a university) and a cat. In this book we can read details about the examination on the bones of victims, the areas she visits, and even a thorough discussion about larvae.

The book begins with how Brennan tries to find an old tomb of a santa in a convent. One of the nuns there will later ask her to help in finding her niece, who happens to be an assistant of a professor who has examined the era when the santa once lived. Meanwhile, the police finds five bodies in a burnt house, two of them babies. The investigation will lead to a sect which its members are live in isolated farm in St Helena.

The book is not bad, but I am not interested in a story about sects, and I am disappointed that there is no connection between the murders and the santa.

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