Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Yellow Rolls-Royce (1964)

This movie consists of three stories, linked with the yellow Rolls Royce. Terence Rattigan wrote the story. I had seen The Winslow Boy so I knew what to except. I found some of the dialogues were clever. They made me giggle at times.

The yellow Rolls Royce is new at the beginning of the movie. The Marquess of Frinton buys it in London as a gift to his wife for their 10th anniversary. He may not care much of political things and only wants to win the Gold Cup, but in the end we see that his infidel wife (Jeanne Moreau) means so much to him. Rex Harrison plays the Marquess and I think he's got all the best lines. He sells the car because it is where his wife betrayed him.

The 2nd story takes place in Italy, about a gangster's moll (wonderfully played by Shirley MacLaine) who is blonde and dumb. The famous gangster, Maltese, (George C. Scott - have you heard him singing O Sole Mio?) takes her to beautiful places in Italy and she is bored to death, until she meets an amoral photographer (Alain Delon) who needs a ride to Rome. Maltese has to leave for several days and she has the best time with the photographer. The happiness changes her and she now realizes how beautiful Napoli is. Maltese's sidekick (Art Carney) tells her to end the affair if she wants to see her dear photographer live. Maltese sells the car and return to Miami with his moll. This 2nd story is the one I like best among the three. Not only because of the actors, but also because of the magnificent views in Pisa and Naples. There is also lovely scene where Shirley MacLaine and Alain Delon dance, with the song 'Forget Domani' (=Forget Tomorrow) by Riz Ortolani.

The3d story is the weakest, in my opinion, although not bad. The beautiful Ingrid Bergman plays Mrs Millet, a rich American widow who has important connections. She plans to go to Yugoslavia, despite the warning that there is a revolution there and that the Nazis are about to attack. She meets Davich (Omar Sharif), who needs her help to cross the border. Not only she helps him to cross the border, but also helps in recruiting guerrillas by taking them in her yellow Rolls Royce. It's quite typical, that Americans must do good. Like in the 2 previous stories, again the back seat of the yellow Rolls Royce is used to you-know-what. The movie ends with the car goes to America.

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