Sunday, June 7, 2009

Le passage (1986)

The story of Le passage is quite original, only perhaps it was not easy to transfer it to screen. The movie poster is something unusual because we cannot see the face of Delon, although his name is still written in big letters, as big as the title.

Director René Manzor came to Alain Delon with the idea and the latter agreed to produce it. Manzor's real name is Lalanne, so it's natural if his brother Jean-Félix Lalanne was picked to compose the soundtrack and Francis Lalanne performed the theme song. Manzor's son Alain plays David Diaz.

Film-maker Jean Diaz lives with his son David after separated from his wife. On their way to the new house near the sea, Jean and David have a car accident provoked by The Death (portrayed here like a grim-reaper). The doctor actually can save Jean, but The Death sabotages the equipment with his computer. The Death offers Jean to wake David from his coma, but Jean must make an animation movie against the violence for him. To seal the pact, The Death cut off Jean's right hand. So strong the relationship between the father and the son, that David tells his mother that his father is not dead, but is kept in a prison by a 'dreadful beggar'. Meanwhile, Jean finds out that The Death wants to use the ideas in his work to destroy the world. He almost escapes, but The Death kidnaps David and forces Jean to return.

For a 1986 movie, I think this is a wonderful achievement. This is a drama , combined with fantasy, animation and science-fiction. The budget maybe a bit low, but as the idea is very good, the result as a whole is very enjoyable. The most impressing thing is how strong the love between Jean and David. I put there 3 images which I like very much, which depict the unconditional love.

1. David reaching out for his unconscious father. Jean is taken to the left, while David to the right.

2. David touching his father's image on TV.

3. This is like a mirror to picture no.2. Jean Diaz looking at the painting of David.

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