Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Door in the Wall

"Thou hast only to follow the wall far enough and there will be a door in it."

The Door in the Wall by Marguerite de Angeli is an inspiring story about a disabled boy who saves a whole town. The ending is moving that I wonder why Disney hasn't made this into a movie. Robin is left by his parents for they have to go to war. Unfortunately, he falls ill that he cannot walk. A friar comes to look after him and takes him to a priory, where Robin learns to be independent. He learns how to read and write, to carve, and the most important: how to walk with the help of crutches. After he is well and strong, Robin goes to the castle of Lindsay, where he should serve Sir Peter. When Lindsay is surrounded by the enemies, Robin bravely goes to search for help.

There is a good lesson here that we must never lose hope.

My copy is from Dell Laurel-Leaf (Random House New York). The black and white illustrations in the book are badly reproduced. It's difficult to see details. I think it's to keep the price of the book low, but what a pity.

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