Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Le mur de l'Atlantique (1970)

This is one of the funny movies where everything goes wrong and wrong. I enjoyed this very much and had good laughs a couple of times.

The story is set in 1944. Bourvil plays Duchemin, a restaurant owner in Normandy. His place is frequented by German officers, French Resistance members and black marketers; but all goes fine until a RAF pilot hides in his house and sleeps with his daughter. We will see the humble restaurant owner turns into a top spy and steals a very secret document from the Germans. However, the British officers think the document is a fraud and spends 8 months interrogating him. I couldn't guess where the story would lead to as there were many hilarious twists. I hope TV5 will show more Marcel Camus's works.

Bourvil seemed to hesitate to say his lines, which is good as it underlines his character's simplicity. He always looked kind, honest, and caring. This is one of his last projects, so perhaps he had been already ill. [He passed away before the premiere.] I like the scene where a big portrait of Hitler is being carried around and the German soldiers salute it. I wonder if it's because this is a comedy or did they really do it at that time. It reminds me of Donald Duck's Der Fuehrer's Face. Also interesting is Jeff's gift to Mademoiselle Duchemin. If you have found out that the girl you slept with one year ago has born you a son, and you are very happy and want to give her a present, what will you give? Surely not a little rubber cat! -just because she keeps a cat.

What I like the most from this movie is the soundtrack. It's by Claude Bolling. It makes me want to whistle or sing along with them.

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