Saturday, July 31, 2010

Don Camillo (1952)

This movie reminds me how I like French movies between 50's - 60's. I read that this is not the best work from director Julien Duvivier, yet it's so easy to like this movie. This and 'Le diable et les dix commandements' are my favourites. The dialogues make me giggle and the way it was made, watching this movie is like reading a book with its chapters.

Great French actor Fernandel plays Don Camillo, a parish priest in a little town in North Italy. In the beginning of Summer 1946, the Communists win the mayoral election and Peppone (played by Italian actor Gino Cervi) becomes the new major. At first Don Camillo - Peppone seems like enemies, but both are basically good hearted; so although they always compete with each other - either in building a citizen's center and a city park or in a football match, they actually care for each other. Don Camillo is not a perfect priest: he is hot headed and ready to fight if needed; luckily he has Jesus on his side who gives him useful advices - and yes, in this movie they really have conversations, like this one:
Don Camillo : None of the new councilmen know anything at all. The illiterate are directing town affairs.
Jesus : It's the heart that counts, not the grammar.

Look! There is a priest racing!

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