Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Le petit baigneur (1968)

Louis de Funès plays CEO of a boat company. One of his engineers, Castagnier, who has orange hair, with his little boat Le petit baigneur" (=The Little Bather) won the Oscar of an international competition in San Remo. Castagnier goes back to France, but before he has time to tell his boss Fourchaume, Fourchaume sacks him due to the failure of his other work "Increvable" (=Indestructible). The minister's wife makes a hole in Increvable's body during the baptism. In fury, Fourchaume tears the contract for Le petit baigneur.

Then comes an Italian boat company's owner who tells Fourchaume that Le Petit baigneur has been ordered 200 pcs. Fourchaume asks his wife to help him hiring Castagnier again. They comes to Castagnier's home and try to please him so that he would agree to come back. Meanwhile, the Italian hears that Fourchaume has sacked Castagnier, so he also comes to visit Castagnier to offer him a better contract.

This movie has many funny scenes and I laughed a lot during the scene in the church when the pulpit was crumbling apart. I think perhaps Castagnier was also the engineer of "Our Lady of The Drafts". I see the church as a result of wrong construction than in need of money. I also like the little boat which is operated by 2 handles. Fourchaume cannot swim, he thinks he doesn't need to because he has so many boats at his disposal; yet in the movie he is managed to be drown 3 times.

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