Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tangled (2010)

I know the story of Rapunzel: A pregnant woman wants a rapunzel leaf and her husband steals it from their neighbour's garden. This neighbour turns out to be a witch who wants the new born baby for payment of the rapunzel leaf. She jails the baby girl, named Rapunzel, in a high tower, whose only way out is a window which can be reached by climbing Rapunzel's very long hair. Time passes and a prince finds the way to enter the tower and falls in love with Rapunzel. When the witch finds out, she cuts short Rapunzel's hair, throws her away, greets the prince, blinds him and throws him away as well. Many years later only Rapunzel, who already given birth to twins, meets her prince again and cures his blindness with her tears.

This Disney version of that story is a bit difference. Tangled, as it is called, is a very entertaining movie, although I must say that I am a bit annoyed of how they are always ruining classic stories. A pregnant queen is sick and the whole kingdom is searching for a certain Rapunzel flower to cure her. A witch has been hiding the flower to keep her young and beautiful. When the flower has been taken away from her, she finds that the queen's baby girl's golden hair is as magical as the flower; so she takes the baby away and hides her, named Rapunzel, in a high tower. Every year on their lost baby's birthday, the king and queen and their people fly lanterns into the sky. Rapunzel watches the shining lanterns from her window and dreams to be able to see what they are, for she thinks they are some kind of stars. Then enters the rogue prince, who is actually a wanted man for thieving.

I think since The Little Mermaid, Disney make the characters very modern. The expressions, the dialogues are so lively... I myself prefer the classic way. Snow White's prince or Prince Philip from Sleeping Beauty are my favourite. They have manners. These modern characters, begins with prince Eric from The Little Mermaid, sometimes can look stupid and not elegant at all. It's like watching degradation in human characters, in this case - represented by cartoon characters.

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