Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cette sacrée gamine Mam'zelle Pigalle (1956)

I've seen several movies by Michel Boisrond and they are all entertaining. This one is with Brigitte Bardot, who is very pretty here. She plays the only daughter of a nightclub owner, who decides to disappear for a while because the police suspects his involving in money forgery. He asks his friend, cabaret singer Jean Clery to take care of his daughter - because the police will go after her to find her father, and soon Clery finds that Brigitte is a trouble. At one point, she even burns down his house, starts when she tries to iron his shirt. Furthermore, she is so sexy that her being endangers his relationship with his fiancée. Clery's butler is also an interesting character.

I see two camera tricks. First, when Clery seems to be rowing, but as the camera walks away, we see that he is in his room, only practicing. Second, in the end, when Clery's fiancée holds a baby, with Clery beside her. We thought Clery doesn't get Brigitte, but as the camera shows the whole room, we see that he does get her.

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