Friday, July 22, 2011

Rumba (2008)

This is a very interesting movie. The dialogues are not many (reminds me of Jacques Tati movies) and the visual art is very good. The 2 main characters are not very handsome or beautiful (at least compared to top actors nowadays), yet they could make me watch this without being sleepy last night.

Fiona, an English teacher, and her husband Dom, a sport teacher, live in rural France. They loves Latin dancing. One night, after winning a competition, they have a car accident. Fiona has one leg amputated and Dom suffers short term memory loss. Then they lose their jobs, their house is burned, and Dom is missing. It ends with a happy ending.

For me, the humour in Rumba is more understandable than Jacques Tati movies - probably because Rumba is more recent. The English sentence Fiona uses to teach her pupils: "My dog likes rice. My dog likes fried rice." I think it's funny. Not many dogs like fried rice here because fried rice is cooked with chili. I think most dogs will choose bones over rice, unless the dog is very hungry or meat is added with the rice. Then there is GĂ©rard, who wants to commit suicide, but when he is waiting for a train to hit him, the train is not coming. When he is waiting for a car to hit him, a car is not coming, but a train is passing by above. There is a scene where Fiona and Dom changing clothes inside a running car, like Mr Bean.

Much recommended!

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