Monday, January 2, 2012

Unknown (2011)

Liam Neeson plays Dr Martin Harris, who comes to Berlin with his wife for a conference. On his arrival at the hotel, Martin realizes that one of his suitcases is left at the airport, so he leaves again immediately. On his way back to the airport, he has a car accident and has to be fished from the river. He wakes up in a hospital without any ID and when he goes to the hotel, his wife doesn't recognize him, and there is someone else with the name of Dr Martin Harris. Why he is so important that someone else wants to take his identity?

He seeks help from the taxi driver who was in the same car with him when the accident happened. The nurse from the hospital also sends him to a detective. Meanwhile, someone wants him dead.

The movie is quite enjoyable, particularly because of its lead actor - although the story is not very original. The story where the lead character lost his memory is not new. One movie I can think of is Vincenzo Natali's Cypher.

The first half of the movie is the best part because it's so exciting and like Martin, we are also in the dark. Like him, we regret why he didn't check in with his wife at the hotel's receptionist. However, a big hotel such as that should have installed CCTV camera at the front side so they can see guests arriving.

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