Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wild Justice

I read Gone, But Not Forgotten by Philip Margolin years ago, borrowed from my cousin, and liked it very much. Only recently I could read more books by the same writer and although they didn't impress me as much as Gone, But Not Forgotten, I thought they were still better than usual thriller novels.

Two days ago I finished Wild Justice. I like reading about serial murders and how the detectives solve them. Mr Margolin's books always have high body counts and horrible tortures. Gone, But Not Forgotten and Wild Justice have similarities, because both the culprits have a hobby to torture people and examine how long they can endure pain, like Nazi experiments.

Like its title, Wild Justice is more violent and the characters take the vengeance into their own hands than let the law take care of it. If in Gone, But Not Forgotten Peter Lake is saved from one of his victim's revenge; it's the opposite with the culprit in Wild Justice. His end is horrible and I was almost sick reading the part, that I had to think something happy (Snow White singing With A Smile and A Song).

I just read negative reviews about this book in Amazon and mostly they were disappointed because they could guess the culprit right away. I must say that I had my guess, too, and I was right, although that didn't stop me to read until the end to confirm that. I think Philip Margolin books are thriller, not who done it. So for me, it doesn't matter if I can guess the culprit early in the book, because the rest of the book is still exciting.

This book must be a success because the lead character, Lawyer Amanda Jaffe, is brought back in 3 more books.

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