Friday, November 2, 2012

You Belong To Me by Karen Rose

Like 'No One Left To Tell', 'You Belong To Me' was also hard to put down. The story is fast paced, with various characters. A brutal serial murderer is terrorizing Baltimore, leaving bodies and body parts to be found by the heroine : Lucy Trask, a Medical Examiner; so the case must be connected to her somehow. However, Lucy hasn't got a clue about it. Well, in the end, we know that the murderer himself is a mad man who gets the reason of his murders a bit wrong. He becomes an avenging angel for his dead sister. He blames everybody for the ruin of his family, while those he blames, even though they are not angels, they also not that guilty.

The brutality of the murders reminds me of books by Philip Margolin, so it's rather a surprise that a woman can write stories like this.

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