Tuesday, March 5, 2013

36 Quai des Orfèvres (2004)

The title is the address of police HQ in Paris. This film reminds me of the golden era of Alain Delon police movies in the 80's.

Daniel Auteuil stars as the good cop, Vrinks, and Gérard Depardieu as the bad cop, Klein.
Vrinks, the head of BRI (Research and Intervention Brigades a.k.a Anti-Gang Brigades), and Klein, the head of BRB (Banditry Repression Brigade) are in competition to arrest a gang of money-transport-vehicle robbers who have terrorize Paris. Whoever wins will be promoted to be Chief. Thanks to his informer, Vrinks knows where to find the robbers; but during the operation, drunken Klein [he is desperate because it looks like Vrinks will get the promotion] ignores orders, causes the death of Vrinks's best friend. Klein is investigated by Internal Affairs, but in the end is free to go, because the lead witness, Vrinks, has been thrown to jail after refusing to tell where his informer is. This informer has implicated Vrinks in a murder case. Vrinks rots in jail for 7 years (I find this hard to believe because Vrinks is a good cop. However I bear in mind that France is the land where a man could be jailed for 19 years for stealing some bread.) while Klein gets his promotion. In the end, happy ending is still for the good cop.

The movie is very enjoyable. It's fast paced and not hard to understand. The director, Olivier Marchal, is a former police officer; so the inside story depicted here must be close to reality.

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