Wednesday, June 12, 2013

F.B.I. Trilogy

I wrote in my previous post re: Prison Break Trilogy that Allison Brennan's writings had been getting better, but this FBI Trilogy was published after and I think this is the worst compared to previous books. Or maybe it's I who don't like the plots she had chosen this time. I think this trilogy lacks of plot twists, it's banal. Published in February, May, and July 2009, this trilogy each featuring a female FBI agent - except Sonia Knight in book 2 who is an ICE agent - and the case she investigates will lead to someone from her past who targets her as the final victim.

Book 1. Sudden Death
Here we meet FBI Supervisory Agent Megan Elliott, ex-wife of Mitch Bianchi from previous book 'Playing Dead'. She works together with Jack Kincaid, the renegade in the family. Jack is a mercenary in Hidalgo and hired by the FBI as a consultant because the prime suspect has a military background. The case becomes personal to Jack when one of his friends was also murdered and another friend a target. The title is not very creative, imo, because it's about serial murders, and in murders there are sudden deaths (yes, in plural) if we don't count the tortures. The story of how and why the killers choose the victims seems flat (basically they are just crazy) and uninteresting.

Book 2. Fatal Secrets
This is the most boring book among all Allison Brennan's works. ICE agent Sonia Knight, who was sold by her father for prostitution when she was 13 - but escaped, works with Assistant FBI Director Dean Hooper to prove that human trafficker Xavier Jones is laundering money. Dean Hooper is the older brother of Detective Will Hooper from Killing Fear. Again, the title seems not right. The secrets in this book are not fatal. Dean Hooper spends many pages to explain about money laundering and I lost my interest.

Book 3. Cutting Edge

Here we meet FBI Agent Nora English, who spent her childhood with domestic terrorists. Her specialty is catching environmental activists who turn arsonists, bombers, murderers. She works with Duke Rogan from a private security company to solve a series of murders, starts with the death of Duke Rogan's good friend in a fire. Compared with the previous 2, this book is better because the killer is still mysterious until 1/3 of the story, so we learn the progress of the investigation from the protagonists's point of view.

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