Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Redeemer - Jo Nesbø

In my opinion, The Redeemer was not as good as previous books. Or it's because I choose serial murder over hitman. The story was about a hitman who went to Oslo and killed a Salvation Army officer. The hitman planned the killing in details, but it turned out that he killed the wrong man. [Never learn who the target is from a photograph!] As a professional, he determined to finish the job, even if it meant he had to live like a beggar in Oslo. The story got interesting because the hitman's face could change that even Beate Lønn, who never forgot a face, could not recognize him.

Our hero, Inspector Harry Hole, believed that the only way to stop the hitman was to know who had hired him in the first place. The plots seemed boring at first, but near the ending it got exciting. Another sad event happened when Harry Hole lost a partner again. I myself liked Halvorsen, who I thought was diligent and never complained.

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