Monday, May 19, 2014

Hidden Prey - John Sandford

Lucas Davenport had run the Office of Regional Research at the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for six months now. An ex-KGB agent had been shot to death in Duluth and the investigation came to a dead end. The dead man’s father was an important man in oil industry and the Russian government sent an observer to see what the FBI and Duluth cops had been doing with the case. Lucas was assigned to accompany this observer and, hopefully, to solve the case if he could.

Working together with a Russian, there were a couple of times when Lucas had to explain American things to her. They were quite interesting to read although I think for an intelligence she should have been learning a lot more about America before flying over.

Being a state cop now, Lucas had to drive around a lot. When he had still been a city cop, he mostly had been in Minneapolis and St. Paul only. His work area was much wider now and must work together with the FBI and local cops. In Minneapolis Police Department, almost everybody knew who he was; but now many didn’t know him and in one occasion he was shot and arrested by local cops while he was chasing a suspect. He had also been trying to be a good husband and I must give him two thumbs, the way he handled Weather when she broke the garage door. It was a very annoying situation and actually, being a surgeon, I expected her to be better than that.

Compared to other Prey books, I don’t really like this one. The spy ring story was not exciting, although I still enjoyed reading about the murders and the investigation. In the end, the killer might only get a light sentence because Lucas himself didn’t pursue the case hard.

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