Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rough Country - John Sandford

The CEO of an ad agency in Minneapolis got shot by a sniper at Eagle Nest, Stone Lake, over by Grand Rapids, Minnesota. Virgil Flowers was sent to help the local sheriff with the investigation because the nearest BCA guys were busy looking for a kidnapped girl. A friend of Flowers said: "You know, in some ways, your job resembles slavery." because when Flowers got the call from his boss, he was in the middle of a fishing tournament in Lake Vermilion.

Rough Country is the 3rd book in the Virgil Flowers series and so far this is the most boring. The pace was so slow. It seemed that Flowers never finished interviewing witnesses. Except the dead CEO, we got 1 more dead body from 2 years ago, a murder attempt and, near the end, a missing talent hunter. Most of the characters in this book were female and I really think that the country was not rough.

It was easy to guess the identity of the killer and I actually hoped that there was some twists in the end, that the killer had been someone else.

One thing I learned from this book was: there is a Grand Rapids in Minnesota, other than the one in Michigan.

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