Friday, August 22, 2014

The Library of Gold - Gayle Lynds

Also known as "The Book of Spies". I really enjoyed reading this book, especially because I read that lousy Dan Brown's Inferno before this. Library of Gold has many elements: spies, treasure hunt, crime, politics, betrayals, traitors, hit men, and a little romance.

Spymaster Tucker Andersen from CIA saw his best friend murdered in front of his eyes after telling him about The Library of Gold - a long lost library belonged to Ivan The Terrible - and a secret bank account which involved in a jihad mission. Andersen hired two cilivians: 1) Judd Ryder, former intelligence officer and his best friend's son, and 2) Eva Blake, ex-curator, who was serving jail time for murdering her husband in a car crash. Both Eva & Judd were 32 years old.

The former librarian from The Library of Gold had smuggled one of the books from the library: The Book of Spies; to prove himself. The librarian had been dead after and the book was being displayed in London. Eva Blake was sent to talk around, just in case someone knew about the library. Instead she saw her dead husband - for whom she had spent 2 years in jail - very much alive. As Eva was the only person who could blow his cover, her husband wanted her dead, but then she met Judd Ryder who had been sent to protect her.

The Library of Gold belonged to a book club, its members were rich, powerful people who were also ruthless and egoist. They would do anything to keep the location of the library secret. Eva's husband, however, was the recent librarian, and he prepared clues for Eva so she could find the place and share its glory to the world. Meanwhile, the director of the library sent his security head to eliminate Eva & Judd and anyone else who threatened the library's existence.

Eva Blake turned out to be a worthy companion and she learned fast how to be a spy. Their situation was even more dangerous when Tucker Andersen's boss died and the CIA was shutting down the operation, leaving Andersen, Blake and Ryder alone in a Greek island where the library located, while the library's security men were far outnumbered them.

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