Monday, July 6, 2015

House of Traps (1982)

This is a very interesting movie, actually, as one can tell from its title.

Prince Siang-yang wanted to revolt because he wanted to revenge his father, who had been killed by the recent emperor. He built the House of Traps, which stored stolen imperial treasures and the list of the rebels.

Lord Bao sent Inspector Yan To investigate the matter. Prince Siang-yang sent killers to remove the inspector, but the inspector was helped by Bai, who had been sent by Lord Bao to protect him along the way.

Meanwhile, two thieves were competing against each other to steal imperial treasures and they both joined Prince Siang-yang, but one of them was Lord Bao's spy.

Easy to guess that Lord Bao's people would win, destroy the House of Traps, and restore the stolen treasures.

I wanted to take this movie more seriously, but some of the costumes really made me laugh. First, it was the yellow sailor uniforms. Then the guards from the other side had black-yellow uniforms which opened at the chest. The designer seemed to prefer to show off the chests. The two thieves also had weird head accessories that it looked like they were suffering tooth-ache. Did they have a cold? - but their chests were exposed.

The great Bai also made me chuckle. He was undercover, so he wore an ordinary robe; but when he was in action, suddenly he needed to change his costume, like Superman. He did it very fast as well.

sailor uniforms

exposed chest

Thief 1 - ears have to be covered
Thief 2 - same as above

Bai - undercover (left) and in action (right)

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