Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Bells of Death (1968)

Three bandits happened to pass by Chang's family house, killed his parents and little brother, and kidnapped his sister. He swore to avenge them. He met a kungfu master and begged him to accept him as his student.

There was no scene of his training, but after 5 years we saw him again and could assume that he was at least as skilled as his teacher. He wore his late mother's bracelet, as a pendant. The bracelet had little bells which rang as he moved. The sound would become a nightmare for his enemies, because they remembered the sound of the bells when they killed his mother.

Chang Yi (Chang Wei-fu) and Chin Ping (Hsiang-hsiang)
There was a scene when Chang bought a young girl named Hsiang-hsiang who had run from a brothel. He bought her with leaves. We have a joke here: when hearing a high price we sometimes say, 'Is it all money?' 'Yes, real money, not leaves.' And here in this scene Chang paid with leaves.

Another funny scene [for me] was after Chang found the second bandit, who had long hair. It was raining and the bandit complained how his hair got wet and it was inconvenient to kill, so he asked Chang to move the duel into another place.

Chang found his lost sister at last. She had become 6th wife of the third bandit. After those years, did she had developed feelings for her husband?

In the ending we saw Chang showed his future wife their house. It was a ruin. Nowadays the girl will run away from him because modern women usually want their future husbands to have owned a car and a house, but in this movie the audience believed that Chang could built a decent house with his own hand. He was originally a wood-cutter.

The story was simple and classic, but the pace of this movie was perfect, made it captivating and unforgettable.

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