Monday, May 21, 2007

The Fountain & Miss Potter

The Fountain

I thought I read that The Fountain was a wonderful movie, something about true love and reincarnation; but when I was watching this I realized this was more (or less) than those. At least I could watch Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz, who both gave excellent performance. I believe the initial script should be very worthwhile, but the finished product has become an art movie, but unfortunately something I can't enjoy; and I also think the editing is very bad. The same images were used a couple of times and that was quite boring. Hugh Jackman played 3 characters: a 16th century conquistador who searches The Tree of Life for his Queen, a modern scientist in search for the cure of tumor to save his wife's life, and - I didn't get the 3rd character at all - but the synopsis suggests 'an astronaut from the 26th century'. The 1st and 2nd characters worked out, but I found difficulty to understand the 3rd and thought it was strangely odd that 'the astronaut' appeared in the Mayan temple scene.

Miss Potter tells the story of Beatrix Potter, the famous children books author, such as Peter Rabbit. In the beginning, none believed that she could ever get her books published, until she met Norman Warne. Warne believed in her and took her to the printing house, so she could tell how exactly she wanted her illustrations to be reproduced. Potter later formed a romantic relationship with Norman Warne and a friendship with his sister Emilia. Success and fame finally came to Potter and she bought several farms so she could preserve them. This movie is full of beautiful sceneries and of course beautiful illustrations. Famous characters from Potter books, such as Peter Rabbit and Jemima the Puddle-duck, are animated, make this movie very enjoyable and entertaining. With Renee Zellweger, Ewan McGregor, Emily Watson, Phyllida Law, Barbara Flynn. Directed by Chris Noonan. Also love the soundtrack.

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