Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Little Mickey, Christine Falls, and The Physician

These past few days I have been making a new Little Mickey doll. My friend Jackie, who had given the name, died a couple of years ago. Another friend of mine, Margaret in Australia, had taken a couple of pictures of Little Mickey using some Australian landmarks as background, which was a great idea. I have no Little Mickey anymore because I sent my last (exactly the one on this picture) to Jackie before she passed away.

I want to have one Little Mickey with me again, especially since next month I plan to go to at least 2 cities in Central Java.

Last night I finished listening to Christine Falls audiobook by Benjamin Black. It's about corruption in Ireland, involving Catholic high society and sending unwanted babies to Boston. The story itself was very good: a combination of thriller, crime, love, and drama and written in remarkable style (which is not surprising as the writer has won a Booker prize). Timothy Dalton, who read the book, at first seemed to read it very fast; but after I got used to it, it was enjoyable - and his voice is still one of the most delicious speaking voices I've ever heard.

Also have finished a novel called The Physician by Noah Gordon. The story was very engaging, set in 12th century, about a penniless orphan who possessed a gift and wanted to use it to heal people so he traveled across countries and boundaries to learn from the best physician ever. It's one of the books which hard to put down.

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