Monday, September 7, 2009

World Without End

World Without End is the sequel to The Pillars of The Earth, although each book can be read separately. Set in the 14th century in Kingsbridge, the story spans in 34 years, about a conservative priory vs local merchants who want the town to prosper. The main characters are: Gwenda, who as a little girl made to steal by her father and longs to marry her dream man; Caris, a daughter of a wealthy merchant who wants to be a doctor, although at that time only men can enter the school; and Merthin and Ralph, sons of a fallen nobleman, who want to return the glory of their family. Merthin becomes a successful carpenter (like his ancestor, Jack Builder from The Pillars of The Earth), dreams to build the tallest cathedral in England, and makes more money than his brother who makes their father proud by becoming an earl. I finished this book in less than 2 weeks, which is fast for me. It was hard to put down because the story was fast paced, like any Ken Follett’s work (although after read many of his works one can guess where the story goes), and the intrigues were well woven. It was always interesting to see the characters tried to outwit each other.

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