Monday, October 19, 2009

Angels and Demons (2009)

I haven't read the book which this movie is based on. My cousin lent me The Da Vinci Code and although the theory about Jesus & Mary Magdalene was shocking that time, I found the rest of the book was boring. So I will read Angels and Demons book if I can borrow it from someone.

As I was completely blind about the story, I must say that I enjoyed Angels and Demons the movie. Tom Hanks was hired to play Robert Langdon again, but this time he was accompanied by Ayelet Zurer, an Israeli actress. The plot is as follows: The Pope dies, so cardinals from all over the world are gathered in Vatican for the conclave. Four cardinals are kidnapped and the kidnapper threatens to kill one of them every hour - it's not clear what he demands. He claims he is from the Illuminati group, people of science. In the past, the church tortured and killed them and now he takes revenge. Robert Langdon is called to the Vatican because he has written a book about The Illuminati. Langdon himself wants to go because it means now he can access the Vatican Library. The killer also has a bomb, an antimatter (what does it mean? Basically, it's a huge powered bomb), which can sweep away the whole Vatican.

Interesting to watch how Robert Langdon tries to solve the puzzles and find the 4 missing cardinals, dead or alive. It's an enjoyable fiction. I believe that the Vatican police should have been able to solve the problem without having to import Robert Langdon from the US, but it's Dan Brown's story. Ewan McGregor plays the Camerlengo. He is the reason I watch this movie, by the way. I wonder from where he finds the money to pay the killer. Why in this kind of genre, the Catholic Church is often depicted to have many inside conflicts? I also find it's confusing to see a killer who seems in pain to do what he must do than a killer with a blank face. The cardinals are old men who seem harmless and weak, so it must have taken a man with a nerves of steel to torture them to death. The killer cries sometimes, but he does the killings anyway. I prefer the God's Spy by Juan Gómez-Jurado, because at least the killer there has mental problem. I think this one in Angels and Demons does it for the money because he doesn't belong in either Illuminati or papal group.

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