Friday, October 30, 2009

Mademoiselle (2001)

This little nice movie is surprisingly wonderful and not boring at all. The title didn't interest me at all, but I decided to watch it at least for 30 minutes. First, Sandrine Bonnaire, the lead actress, has one of the freshest faces I've ever seen on screen. In this movie, her character, Claire, is very charming and she seems doesn't have any problem in her life. She is happy with her husband and 2 children. Then, the movie itself starts well. In a party, we meet the lead actor, Jacques Gamblin (I often mistake him for Patrick Catalifo), in this occasion is working as a waiter named Cassini, who serves little sandwiches, but tells the guests not to choose the one with salmon because according to his cousin's research it's transgenic. Cassini and his 2 friends are actors, who travel around and work as improvisators. 

A mini lighthouse is used as a device, that Claire, after the party, meets Cassini again and again, and keeps missing her train.

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