Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Les risques du métier (1967)

Knowing this film was to be on TV, I looked forward to it. I had watched the main actor before in Les assassins de l'ordre, which I enjoyed very much. When this movie began, I realized that his name was Jacques Brel, who was very famous with his song Ne me quitte pas, which I actually hated. 

Les risques du métier is an interesting movie from start to finish. It opens with a girl named Catherine (#2 in the picture), running home from school with a torn chemise. She tells her parents that her teacher, Mr Douchet (Jacques Brel), tried to rape her. The accusation is soon followed by the 2nd, and 3rd girl. Is Mr Douchet really a dangerous maniac? Or the 3 girls are lying? It all begins when Mr Douchet receives a gold lighter from a mysterious person in his class. When he interrogates his pupils, no one confesses.

The whole thing is a horrible nightmare for Mr & Mrs Douchet. Mrs Douchet is also a teacher in the same school and she tries her best to believe her husband. Who is lying - Mr Douchet or the 3 girls? The cast is so good that the audience only know the truth in the end. [Although Nathalie Nell who plays one of the 3 girls looks scary sometimes.] Being a teacher is sometimes difficult. Ah, the risks of the job!

Spoilers: Mrs Douchet gets the first hint to help her husband after she gets one of the girls's best friend admitted that she has given a false testimony. The girl was with her boyfriend, not with the teacher. The girl points her finger to the teacher because she thinks the teacher can take her father's wrath, but not the boy. The 2nd girl is jealous because she thinks the first has an affair with the teacher, plus that day the teacher humiliated her because of a photo. The 3rd has lots of imagination.

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