Wednesday, June 16, 2010

3 femmes... un soir d'été (2005)

The 4th and last episode was shown last night. I still didn't know which 3 of the women in the movie that were meant in the title, until just now when I saw the poster. In the end of the movie, these 3 do dance together. The first woman is Isabelle, who returns to Condom en Armagnac after 20 years. She sends out copies of her memoirs to some old friends. Soon, 3 people - who receives the story- are murdered. The 2nd woman is Police Captain Julie Leroy, who asks to be sent to Condom to investigates the murders, also to learn the identity of her true parents. The 3rd woman is Cathy, a daughter of a wealthy armagnac farmer, who is cast out by her family. She has been carrying secrets all her life.

I enjoyed this series very much. Agathe de La Boulaye who plays Julie is pretty, although sometimes I wished she could do the investigation more efficient. She is too young and too pretty to lead the investigation on homicide cases, imo. She falls in love immediately with the attractive prime suspect, which can be understand as he is played by Anthony Delon :-) She tries very hard to prove that Doctor Mathias, the prime suspect, is innocent. Her task is not easy because Mathias confesses that he is the culpable. Julie knows that Mathias is protecting the mysterious Isabelle, but why? 

In the beginning of the episode 4, the real killer is shown to the audience. After that, the story turns to unpredictable twists, which I think very good. Each supporting characters are developed well. Among the cast, there are old, familiar faces, like Nicole Calfan and Stéphane Audran

The cute soundtrack is entitled Porque te vas (Why do you leave), a favourite song of Isabelle.

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