Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chiens perdus sans collier (1955)

Jean Gabin plays Judge Julien Lamy who deals with juvenile offence. The movie tells the story of 3 boys. First, Alain Robert, who is on the run after setting fire to a farm because the owner has whipped him when he did wrong. Second, Francis Lanoux, a hard-of-hearing pickpocket whose girlfriend is pregnant. Third, Gérard who runs away from the detention center to go back to his mother who is surrounded by admirers, who gamble to win her.

Jean Gabin's role is a bit similar to his educator in Deux hommes dans la ville, although in this, as a judge, he is the one who decides if one goes to be free or not. His judge is attentive and kind hearted. He tries to understand the boys sent to him. Alain Robert finally knows that the judge cares about him and that he can be trusted. In his way to detention center, Alain Robert meets Francis Lanoux - and this one gives him bad influence. In order to join his pregnant girlfriend, Francis takes Alain Robert to escape, even though they later go their own way. The judge doesn't know about the girlfriend until she comes to him for help. However, before the judge could do anything, Francis has escaped, and it ends tragically for the young couple. After the tragedy, the judge visits Gérard in his mother's place and decides that even though the surrounding is bad for the boy, but as he is happiest in there, the judge doesn't take him back to the detention center.

The movie doesn't have anything special, in my opinion, but the social issues are quite interesting. For similar theme, I prefer Les Quatre Cents Coups and Sciuscià. In this movie, I like the music by Paul Misraki, which is simple but very nice.

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