Monday, August 9, 2010

Rosemary's Baby (1968)

After reading that Rosemary's Baby was voted as one of the scariest movies all the time, I waited until I was really in a good mood to watch this. The movie is from a box set, along with The Tenant and Chinatown. I am not a fan of horror, but from the few I have seen, so far, the scariest are The Omen & The Ring. Le Tentazioni del Dottor Antonio also scared me, although this is not a horror movie and my sister even thinks it's a funny film. Compared to them, plus since I was in a good mood, in the end I think Rosemary's Baby is not scary at all. Even The Tenant is more thrilling.

From director Roman Polanski, this is a story of a wife who has just moved to a new apartment with her actor husband. They want to have children, like every normal couple. One night, the wife dreams that she is raped by something inhuman and later she finds she is pregnant. After several deaths and misfortunes to those who are close to the couple, she begins to think that there is a conspiracy to kidnap her future baby and sacrifice it. But who will believe her? Who can she trust?

The script is well written from the wife's point of view, so together with her the audience at one point begin to have doubts. Is there really a conspiracy or she is the one who's mad? If the movie stopped after the wife gave birth, we would all doubt her sanity, but there is an obvious conclusion. The cast is great, with Mia Farrow as our heroine.

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