Friday, September 3, 2010

Harold Lloyd - The Definitive Collection

I only heard the name of Harold Lloyd a couple of months ago. By now I have learned that in his time he was a great name in cinema, along with Charlie Chaplin. I watched Safety Last! then and liked it very much, so I bought this box-set.

When it arrived, I surprisingly found that inside there were 4 postcard-size pictures of Marylin Monroe (taken by Harold Lloyd). One of my uncles is a big fan of her, but as I showed him the pictures, my boss saw them, too; and she wanted them for her own. So I scanned them. So I have to be satisfied with the digital version in my computer, my uncle gets the copies and my boss gets the original.

I prefer Harold Lloyd silent pictures than the talking ones. I find the dialogues are not so funny, or perhaps it's because I cannot understand what they meant. Without subtitles, it's hard to listen to word per word. On the other hand, I think that we here have different taste of humour from Americans. Silent comedy is easier to accept and that is why Mr Bean and Shaun The Sheep are very successful.

Harold Lloyd was a wonderful film-maker. I enjoy how he did dangerous stunts, and admire him more after I learned that he had lost 3 fingers on his right hand and had to wear a prosthetic glove. It is difficult to hang on balustrade of tall building, or hang from a hand of a clock; and he did it all with imperfect hand. I love to see how he hid under a hanging raincoat. He played with camera angle and timed the scene well, and if it's done well, it's great, no matter if the film was made 90 years ago. My 7 year-old niece love watching Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin. [I'm planning to get the Buster Keaton box-set.]

Screencap from The Kid Brother

Apart from Safety Last! - first impression is never forgotten - my most favourite in this box-set is The Kid Brother. When the film starts, there is this wonderful song by Carl Davis, which reminds me a lot to Loch Lomond song. The film is hilarious and I am amazed by those old version of washing machine and dishwasher. We all laughed throughout the movie and screamed when the hero was in peril. Who would have thought that a movie made in 1927 could be so exciting.


Allan Koay said...

hi. was Googling Harold Lloyd and came across your blog.
wish you posted pictures of the box set though. i'm about to order the set, but i'd like to see some pictures of it first. that's why i was Googling.
hey, if you like Harold Lloyd, then you should also check out Buster Keaton. and also Jacques Tati.
Mr Bean copies Jacques Tati's Mr Hulot. he even copied Mr Hulot's Holiday with Mr Bean's Holiday.
check it out.

Inge said...

I just uploaded 2 pictures of the box-set. Didn't think they were necessary, because I thought they were available somewhere online.
I know Buster Keaton. The box-set from Masters of Cinema has already been in my wish list. It's very expensive and has to wait.
Jacques Tati I didn't know, so thanks for the recommendation.

Allan Koay said...

wow, nice photos! thanks very much for posting them. i've ordered the set from Amazon UK.

i have the Buster Keaton set, and i think i was lucky i got it during a sale and it was quite cheap.