Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Le tatoué (1968)

Hobby is a strange thing - we can spend most part of our fortune to get what we want. Collecting a work of art can be very expensive, but what if that work of art is tattooed on someone's back? Will he sell his skin if the offered price meets his demand?

Louis de Funès plays Mézeray, an art dealer who sees Modigliani's work, tattooed on the back of an old legionnaire, Legrain (played by Jean Gabin). Mézeray sells the tattoo to two Americans, but before getting the item from Legrain, he must repair Legrain's country house first. Mézeray thinks he has cheated Legrain: Modigliani's work is swapped with the 'little house' renovation's cost. The house turns out to be a ruined 16th century castle. Meanwhile, the two Americans think Mézeray has deceived them. 

The music in this movie is very entertaining and this is my favourite Jean Gabin's performance. Never seen him in a comedy before, I think he and Louis de Funès made a wonderful pair. Disgusted with Mézeray's greed at first, in the end of the movie, Mézeray and Legrain become good friends.

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