Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blackpool (2004)

One thing about this miniseries is, it's very entertaining. Actually, I'd never seen anything like this. I've seen musicals, but Blackpool is different, as the original recordings are used and the actors sing overlap with the original singers. I myself prefer if they don't overlap.

David Morissey plays the central character: Ripley Holden, who has a dream of making Blackpool to be England's Las Vegas. He has an arcade and wants to expand to a hotel casino. Just his luck that a body is found in his arcade so he becomes the main suspect. Ripley Holden is not what one will call a saint. His relationship with his two children are not very good - although it will change in the end. The way he talks is not always kind and often he hurts feeling of his friends. Anyway, he is the founder of a big gambling place, which basically rob people of what they have.

David Tennant plays D.I. Peter Carlisle who investigates the murder. He likes eating so much, that you can see he is really distressed when he refuses the food offered to him. To know more about Ripley Holden, he comes to Mrs Holden (Sarah Parish), but makes a mistake by falling in love with her.

My favourite scene. Very amusing, this police's dance.

There are 6 episodes, with 3 - 4 songs in each. The choreography is funny, but sometimes I feel that the lyrics are not right. The songs are not especially written for the characters, so when a song is sung by several characters, it confuses me, what are they trying to say? Is she really saying that? Perhaps I need to see this again. The drama itself is well written, so is the development of each character. It ends with a happy ending for everyone.

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