Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Doctor Who series 1-4 Box Set

Finished watching the Complete Specials, I planned to get another box set of Doctor Who. "Just one season," I said. However after comparing the price and reminding myself how I enjoyed the Specials, I ended up buying the season 1 - 4. And I don't regret this. I enjoyed this box set very much. I finished watching last night and was upset because there was no more.

When I saw the picture of the box set, I wondered how big it was and hoped the postman could deliver it to my home. When it arrived, I saw that it was not as big as I had expected. 19,8 x 10 x 14,2 cm.

I had seen the first season before, but watching it again, I enjoyed it again. The Empty Child + The Doctor Dances is still my favourite, because it ends beautifully. A mother reunites with her child, what is more moving than that? Funnily, I remembered Doctor Who as a series with not much budget because of this episode. I thought the gas mask wouldn't cost so much. Yet it created a big chill. A simple question like "Are you my mummy?" can be so scary. [Although in The Poison Sky when this question is popped out again, in a completely different situation, the result is hilarious.]

Season 1 is so much fun, but the stories are getting darker in season 2. The close up of The Wire in The Idiot's Lantern, I found very terrifying. The Impossible Planet + The Satan Pit are the scariest episodes for me, who think every story about possession is a horror. My niece loved the dancing Cybermen in the Outtakes, but she was terrified by the machines in the ceiling in The Age of Steel; when people are being upgraded - she hid her face behind a pillow. In Gridlock, I like how the future is portrayed with so many vehicles that to cover 5 miles it takes 12 years - because of the terrible traffic jam, but we cannot walk as the air is so polluted.

I like Midnight very much. This series often reminds me that they don't have much budget (compared to similar science fiction projects), so it amazes me when I notice things they have achieved. The cheap 3D glasses worn by The Doctor in Doomsday, for example, is hilarious; but I can accept after he explained what it was for. In Midnight, there is no creature, but one of them has been possessed by it and at first she repeats every thing they say, then as if she has infiltrates their mind, she says what they are saying at the same time; later she says what they will say. Having seen the extras and how they did the scenes, it still amazes me. The root of Pi scene is an incredible moment.

If I have an episode which I like the least, that would be Love and Monsters. I don't like how several fans of the Doctor become main characters. I also find the Scooby- Doo chase in the beginning is not right. It's not because we don't see much of the Doctor and his companion that I don't like this episode. Both also don't appear much in Blink, yet I enjoyed Blink.

Of the 3 companions, I like Donna Noble very much. Rose is charming, Martha is intelligent and sweet; but Donna is funny and daring. The Runaway Bride made me laugh a lot and I was glad she was back for season 4. The Unicorn and The Wasp is also one of my favourites. In this episode, The Doctor and Donna meet Agatha Christie in 1926. As in Agatha Christie films, the characters are gathered to be enlightened of who is the killer, and Donna keeps saying: "So she killed him." "So she killed them." etc

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