Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adventures of Scrooge McDuck

After Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (which I doesn't own. I have missed out the collection and had to buy the volumes from America), Gramedia published another collection of Scrooge McDuck stories by Don Rosa, entitled 'Komik Petualangan Paman Gober' (The Adventures of Scrooge McDuck). Luckily, this time I succeed in collecting the whole set. *happy*

This set consists of 8 magazines.
Series 1: Guardians of The Lost Library, Nobody's Business, The Son of The Sun
Series 2: His Majesty McDuck, W.H.A.D.A.L.O.T.T.A.J.A.R.G.O.N., Island at The Edge of Time
Series 3: Return to Plain Awful, Return to Xanadu
Series 4: The Treasure of The Avatars, The Lost Chart of Columbus, The Curse of Nostrildamus
Series 5: The Last Lord of Eldorado, The Quest for Kalevala
Series 6 : The Treasury of Croesus, On Stolen Time, The Universal Solvent
Series 7: The Black Knight, The Black Knight Glorps Again, Attack!
Series 8: Last Sled to Dawson, A Little Something Special

I enjoyed each of the stories and hoped that there were more.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Another fan of the Ducks! Sure is rare to see one in these days...:D I would love to glance at your collection for hours! =))

Aw man, Don Rosa sure is the best when it comes to story, humour, and artwork details. I laughed a lot reading The Cowboy Captain of Cutty Sark. Too bad that Gramedia miss out 2004's The Old Castle's Other Secret / A Letter From Home. I shed a tears at the end, damn Don Rosaaaaa!

Oh, btw the epicness of The Guardians of The Lost Library actually lies to Gunsmog, where Matt Savage is in high-speed pen fight with some Japanese mangaka and Don Rosa just flipped and burn into flames!

Inge said...

A Letter From Home is in Kisah Hidup Paman Gober seri 7 (cover: It's a beautiful story which unfortunately doesn't appear in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck vol 1&2 and Companion #1. The Companion vol.2 has been advertised in Amazon, but is never available. I hope A Letter From Home will be in this Companion #2 book.

Black_Claw said...

Wow! True! My mistake! It is not in Komik Petualangan Paman Gober, it is in Kisah Hidup Paman Gober...

If I read that before hunting the North America version like crazy few years back then, I'd save a lot of money! =))

AC said...

I just now found out about this collection - and the new collected book with Lo$ - all too late I think. But I have the stories several times - these publications of them look very nice.

Inge said...

Let's hope Gramedia will re-publish it in one album set like they did with Kisah Hidup Paman Gober.

AC said...

It was not too late! I have an old and dear friend in Indonesia who already bought these for me - they arrived today! The 8 issues look so nice - and the collected book with Kasa Hidup Paman Gober contains a photo taken with my camera!! :-D It's a small world! Great and funny how these duck comics are worldwide...

Black_Claw said...

Hi mr AC. Which photo? :)