Friday, June 3, 2011


I read reviews of this book by Simon Kernick and it sounded great, so I thought I'd give it a try. I never read books by Simon Kernick before.

The main character is an office worker named Tom Meron, a father of two kids. He receives an odd phone call from his old friend, who never called him for years. As he listens, his friend is being killed by his pursuers, but the last words he tells them are Tom's address. Tom knows that since that moment, his friend's killers will be after him, but what do they want? He doesn't know. He leaves his home, moves his kids, and is trying to locate his wife, who works in a university. Arrives in the university, someone has been murdered there, and Tom is the main suspect.

The plot is quite good, but simple, like in Hollywood action movies. However, the book is not as great as I had imagined. I prefer to read something with more complex woven plot. If Relentless's plot is like in action movies, what I prefer to read is something like in miniseries. I think what disappoints me most is the very reason Tom is phoned at the critical moment. The call has changed his life, and why? because in state of panic, his friend could only think of his address. For me that is not a strong reason.

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