Friday, December 16, 2011

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Collector's Box Set (Vol. 1-2)

This box set is one of the best books in my collection. It consists of 2 books, each in excellent hard cover.

Volume I : Race to Death Valley
Contents : Mickey Mouse in Death Valley, Mr. Slicker and The Egg Robbers, Mickey Mouse Music, The Picnic, Traffic Troubles, Mickey Mouse vs. Kat Nipp, Mickey Mouse Boxing Champion, High Society, Circus Roustabout, Pluto The Pup, Mickey Mouse and The Ransom Plot, Fireman Mickey, Clarabelle's Boarding House, Lost on A Desert Island.

Volume II : Trapped On Treasure Island
Contents : The Great Orphanage Robbery, Mickey Mouse Sails For Treasury Island, Blaggard Castle, Pluto and The Dogcatcher, The Mail Pilot, Mickey Mouse and His Horse Tanglefoot, the Crazy Crime Wave, Return to Blaggard Castle.

These early works about Mickey Mouse by Floyd Gottfredson are very enjoyable to read. Mickey himself is a bit different than in later stories where he has been doing more detective works with Inspector O'Hara. In Disney's cartoon version, he often makes mistakes and is often clumsy. In these early stories of Mickey Mouse, he is very brave. He is a hero.

Except Return to Blaggard Castle, the last story in the book -which is published in 1993 and the least I like, all stories (which are published in the 30's) are in black and white. The only complain I have is that the writings are too small - and I think I have good eyes because I still don't need glasses. I don't know if older people have the same complain. The size of these two books should be bigger.
Included also, in the book, documentaries about the famous mouse and the people who created him.

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