Monday, December 10, 2012

Donald Duck A Christmas For Shacktown

Donald Duck vol.2 A Christmas For Shacktown is here! It contains A Christmas For Shacktown, The Big Bin on Killmotor Hill, Gladstone's Usual Good Year, The Screaming Cowboy, Statuesque Spendthrifts, Rocket Wing Saves The Day, Gladstone's Terrible Secret, The Think Box Bollix, The Golden Helmet, Houseboat Holiday, Gemstone Hunters, The Gilded Man, and Spending Money. Plus 9 one-page gags.

I've read some of these before and my initial intention was to have The Gilded Man in better printing. I still love the story: Donald's pursue of a very rare magenta stamp leads him to meet El Dorado, the mysterious gilded man in British Guiana (Guyana).

However, I was very happy to find two stories which I hadn't read for a long time: 1) Statuesque Spendthrifts, where Uncle Scrooge competes with The Maharajah of Howduyustan to build the most impressive statue(s) in Duckburg. 2) Spending Money, in which Donald helps Uncle Scrooge to spend billions because the money bin is too full for them. Below is a panel from Statuesque Spendthrifts, a very memorable one, I must say.

Who can build the biggest Cornelius Coot statue?

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