Monday, December 3, 2012

Karen Rose's Vartanian Trilogy

This trilogy is one of the best crime thrillers I have ever read. The first book, Die For me, is about Simon Vartanian, an evil artist, who tortures and kills people to get an exact reality how they look when they die so he can capture them into video games and his paintings.

The second book, Scream For Me, stars Simon's brother, Daniel Vartanian, a Georgia Bureau of Investigation special agent, in solving a 13 year-old murder which involved Simon and his photograph collection. This 2nd book is the best among the 3 and I think Daniel is one of the most romantic characters ever written!

The third book, Kill For Me, stars Simon & Daniel's sister, Susannah Vartanian, a New York City ADA, in pursuit of a ring of people who kidnap and sell teenage girls.

The stories of all 3 books are well woven, well connected to each other, with lots of twists and a very satisfying ending. Like all Ms Rose's books, these three also included steamy romances, focus on a certain pair each book. I think all 3 must be read and in the right order.

The titles of book 1 & 3 are appropriate. Die For Me, because Simon wants those people to die (although Scream For Me is also okay, as he wants them to scream). Kill For Me, because the bad guy wants his 'pupils' to kill for him. The 2nd book's title seems not very right...

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