Friday, September 27, 2013

Sleight of Hand - Philip Margolin

We have here Charles Benedict, a successful criminal defense lawyer, who was also an amateur magician. He could make an evidence disappeared in a court room, during a trial. Benedict murdered Carrie Blair - a prosecutor, framed her husband for the murder, and became his lawyer. No matter how innocent Mr Blair was, if the real culprit was his lawyer, the police would never find the truth and Blair would end in jail.

As the heroine, we have Dana Culter, a private investigation, a character had been used in Philip Margolin's books a couple of times. Dana would cross paths with the Blair case and helped the poor husband.

Among what I had read lately, this book came out as something smart. I didn't know how Dana would win against the clever Benedict, but she did. This book reminded me how I used to love reading Philip Margolin books.

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