Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Redbreast - Jo Nesbo

I had read synopsises of Jo Nesbo's books and couldn't wait to read The Snowman, but one of reviewers mentioned that the books should be read in order. So I picked up The Redbreast first.

I guessed that title had explained the killer and yeah, I was right. People said that the book dedicated many parts to the WW2, but as I read it, no, the proportion was okay. Since this was the first book of Jo Nesbo I read, it took me time to get used to his style. By the end of every chapter, the story ended abruptly; and in the next chapter it was another scene.

The hero, Inspector Harry Hole, tracked an illegal rare weapon, which he thought would be used to commit murders. The culprit was an old man, an ex-soldier from WW2, a Norwegian who fought for the Germans and thought that he was doing service for his country. Yet after the war, these kind of men were labelled traitors and punished by being sent to jail a couple of years.

The reason for the murders was not convincing, at least for me, because he had planned it carefully but look who the first victim of the rifle was. And the 2nd victim? Why waited so long?

There was an unsolved murder of a policewoman until the end of the book, so I am glad that I read The Redbreast first. I hope the murder will be solved in the next book(s).

Anyone can tell me why Harry Hole put his telephone in the fridge? It was not enough only by pulling the jack out?

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