Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Nemesis - Jo Nesbø

Nemesis is the 2nd Jo Nesbø book after The Redbreast. In The Redbreast, Harry Hole's partner was murdered and the police thought they had caught the murderer and solved the case. Case closed. Harry Hole was not satisfied, though. His boss sent him to help the robbery division concerning bank robberies in Oslo, where in the last case, the robber had shot a teller to death. Harry agreed to help if his boss let him work on his partner's murder case again after they caught the robber.

There was also a murder case of Harry's old flame. The police at first decided that it was a suicide and Harry went to investigate on his own without knowing that the real murderer wanted to frame him.

The book seemed boring and slow with predictable plots, but like in The Redbreast, our hero was following wrong trails. The robbery case's conclusion was a surprise - although Beate Lønn, their video evidence expert who never forgot a face - guessed right from the beginning; but the reason for Anna's murder didn't make sense to me.

In the end, Harry had found the real murderer of his partner - but no one believed him.

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