Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cockroaches - Jo Nesbø

"...and that for every cockroach you can see that there are at least ten hiding."

Cockroaches is the 2nd book in the Harry Hole series. Harry Hole was sent to Bangkok, Thailand, to help the local police in the investigation of the death of the Norwegian ambassador, and to avoid scandal because the body had been found in a motel room. I like Harry Hole in this book because he was capable to keep himself sober most of the time. He would finally find that the ambassador's death was not like what it seemed, and that the truth was hiding like cockroaches.

There was a note in the book that the writer got his idea from a rumor that a Norwegian ambassador in Thailand, who died in a car crash, was actually murdered under mysterious circumstances. No sign of the car crash in the book, but he successfully wrote an enjoyable detective story.

I have read the next Harry Hole books. When I was reading them, I thought that there were missing things. [This was what I got for not reading them in order.] I found Harry's first loves in the first book, The Bat; and there were 2 things mentioned in later books which I hoped to find in Cockroaches, but they weren't here, and not in anywhere. One, when Harry made fool of himself on TV shows. "A young guy [...] had come over to him while his pals sniggered in the background and ask if Harry was 'that Bruce Willis type guy in Australia'. It was three- three! - years ago since his face had decorated the front pages of newspapers and he had made a fool of himself on TV shows talking about the serial killer he had shot in Sydney." [the Redbreast] I would love to read how the show was going and thought that it had been written in the previous book, but it had not. Two, Harry in Chicago "He practised speed-cuffing on the table leg, which was already splintered as a result of this bad habit he had picked up on the FBI course in Chicago and perfected during lonely evenings in a lousy bedsit in Cabrini Green [...] [The Snowman].Would love to read Harry's adventures in Chicago during the course.

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