Friday, February 28, 2014

Rules of Prey - John Sandford

I usually look at the lists at to search books I want to read. I see the whole list made by someone and if I have read several books in that list and liked them, I think this person have similar taste like me. Then I will look for further info about the books which interest me: I will read the synopsis and the reviews before deciding to buy it.

Rules of Prey by John Sandford was one of the books I found this way. I really enjoyed reading this book. I liked mind games between the protagonist and the antagonist, although I thought the bad guy was quite easy to catch in the end.

A serial rapist and murderer was haunting St Paul, Minnesota. He was proud at his brain and thought that the police would never be able to catch him. The story started with his failure, though; how his 3rd victim could escape him and became a witness. Our hero was lieutenant Lucas Davenport, who -in my opinion- was too good to be true. Davenport was smart, very rich (as a side job he made and sold video games), didn't hesitate to use his fists, and a favourite among women [from the physical description, he was not beautiful, but charming). I believe it was easy to fall in love with him if he was real in life. I find Harry Hole, a fictional police inspector in Oslo (by Jo Nesbø) is more realistic. Hole often breaks his promises to his girlfriend, while Davenport here doesn't.

One thing I found very interesting in Rules of Prey was the relationship between the police and the media, how the police used the media for their benefit.

I will surely read more works by John Sandford. Rules of Prey is the first book in the Prey series and as I like Lucas Davenport very much, I can't wait to read more of his adventures.

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